Teaching is like breathing

This morning I was reading a post on a forum and reference was made to teaching being like breathing. To survive we need to breathe in and breathe out, we cannot just do one function. In the same manner teaching without the occurrence of learning is futile. The crux here is for the teacher to know how the target group learns. Reflecting back on my first post of the mist it requires understanding of where the crevices are so that the mist can squeeze in. As an educator, how do I find out what my students’ crevices are and then how to I adapt my teaching.


About Karin Potgieter

Originally from South Africa, I have been privileged to enjoy the beautiful lifestyle of Canada. My career in Early Childhood Education has been motivating, ranging from the endearing relationships with the children and families of the Preschool that I owned to the inspirational interactions with my students as instructor of the Early Childhood Education Certificate Program. My qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Early Childhood Education Certificate, Provincial Instructors Diploma and en route to completing the Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction.
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