Generation Y and learning implications

Taking a look at the characteristics of “Generation Y”, it becomes evident that their behaviours provide specific implications on LEARNING. After reading Julie Coates’ characteristics and tips for teaching “Generation Y”, I have been enlightened about key aspects that I can incorporate in my instructor repertoire. To name a few; a more hands on approach is required that facilitates many opportunities for experiential learning and social interactions. Needless to say incorporating technology into all areas of the learning environment is required and preferably with the component of “fun”, like games. What surprised me the most is that “Generation Y” particularly enjoys structure and requires the instructor to clearly indicate what is required from the learner to complete the course. Frequent feedback from the instructor is appreciated by the learner and clarity of how the learning is relevant to the real world fulfills “Generation Y’s” global learning concept.

To view the full article click on the link or use the RESOURCE PAGE in this blog.—The-Millennial-Generation


About Karin Potgieter

Originally from South Africa, I have been privileged to enjoy the beautiful lifestyle of Canada. My career in Early Childhood Education has been motivating, ranging from the endearing relationships with the children and families of the Preschool that I owned to the inspirational interactions with my students as instructor of the Early Childhood Education Certificate Program. My qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Early Childhood Education Certificate, Provincial Instructors Diploma and en route to completing the Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction.
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