Techno Tools


Educreations is a digital white board that allows the “teacher” to record both their writing and their voice to teach a lesson which can then be posted online or embedded in a website. The teacher can choose to make their lesson public so that anyone can view it by searching the educreations website, or they can keep it private so that only their invited students may access the content.


Flickr is essentially an image sharing platform that allows you to set up groups and discussions as well. Students and instructors can use this platform for assignments or resources or even just personal interest and personal storage of images. There are several easy to use settings and you can access flickr without even creating and account. The slideshare link below offers some basic information on getting started.

Jing application

Jing captures anything you see on your computer screen, as an image or short video, and lets you share it instantly.

We Achieve

We achieve is an online tool that enables an instructor to pose a question and capture participants’ responses. Participants can see responses, vote on paired answers, and the most highly voted answers appear at the top of the list. Throughout the process, participants are engaged and are learning from one another. As the instructor, you can assess through responses what participants are getting out of a course and where confusion may lie.

Tutorials for online resources:

60 Apps in 60 Minutes:

Below is a link to a Prezi presentation by Clint Stephens from the Southwest Educational Development Center. The apps are separated into the following categories; Productivity Time/ Fun Time/ General Ed Time/ Core Time


This website offers many presentations on a variety of topics for example “The flipped classroom” and “Best of the Web”

Online collaboration tools: Article published in 2007. Extensive list of tools

iThoughts: For those instructors who feel the planning stage is essential to teach in creative projects, iThoughts will likely prove to be a delightful technology to integrate into their teaching. iThoughts is a mind-mapping tool designed for iPods / iPhones or Mac computers; however, it can read files from multiple mind-mapping software applications across different platforms.

The application software is essentially a blank canvas on which the learner can create mind-maps. The learner starts by creating a title for the mind-map, which the application automatically places in the center of the canvas. From here, the learner can expand on the main topic by creating subtopics and notes in any direction on the canvas, thereby constructing a mind-map. The application also allows the learner to collapse or expand branches of the mind-map simply by touching an icon on the branch. The learner can also drag subtopics and drop them with other subtopics to create groups. These groups can then be hierarchized (Cooper, 2013, n.p.).

In addition to mind-maps, iThoughts enables the learner to create basic drawings and handle images imported from a built-in clip art library. These graphic features allow the mind-map to have visual characteristics, which may be good for a visual learner.

Although iThoughts is an excellent tool to use at the planning stages of a project, it can also be used as a “lightweight task management system that makes it possible to completely manage a project from start to finish.” (Cooper, 2013, n.p.).

For an in-depth overview of iThoughts, click the link below.

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013

This list was compiled by Jane Hart (C4LPT) from the votes of 500+ learning professionals from 48 countries worldwide.

VoiceThread: A web service that allows users to upload Power Points, videos, photos etc and add voice narration to create a multimedia presentation. Best of all other viewers can add their own comments, questions and thoughts. This then becomes part of the presentation itself.

VoiceThread introduction:
Creating a VoiceThread:
Student outcomes:
Art class example:
Student project:
VoiceThread 4 Education Wiki:

Facebook Group- step-by-step

Wikimedia Commons: This site offers a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips).

LectureScribe: LectureScribe is a simple and free whiteboard recording program that lets you record your pen strokes and your lecture simultaneously. It was developed by Brian C. Dean at Clemson University. It is a very simple tool ideal for online beginners, whether teachers or students. Lectures developed with LectureScribe can be downloaded to a website or your online course.


Quizlet: Quizlet is a great learning tools as Education widgets on Wikispaces: Quizlet lets you and your students create fun and engaging study materials and  quizzes. It ‘s simple and  let your student turn what they are learning in the classroom into fun study materials, quizzes, and games.

Voki: Voki is a free internet service that allows you to create animated speaking characters or avatars for blogs, emails, wikis, or websites. The service helps students to personalize the voice, hair, facial features, clothing, and background of an animated character and create 60 seconds of speech through text to voice or a voice recording feature. A paid service called Voki Classroom allows instructors to create lessons and manage classes through the services. It allows you to add 90 seconds of speech to your avatar.

Timetoast: is a site where users can build and share interactive timelines online. The site allows users to add event details, photos and links to enhance the timeline.


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